Ghost Whisperer

Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the CBS 2005 fall TV lineup complete with Annie Lennox music and Mc Escher opening credits. Okay maybe not as cool as Mc Escher, but it is kinda cool… possibly more entertaining then the show?  We will see.

In The Ghost Whisperer, Melinda– played by Jennifer Love Hewitt, whispers to ghosts… er actually there is a lot more panic, yelling, heavy breathing, and her looking scared. To figure out what this show is about go watch The Sixth Sense. Basically Melinda can see all the dead people in the world who haven’t “crossed over”, and some of them know she can see them and some don’t. All Melinda’s friends, and husband know about her special super powers.

The show uses cheap tricks to get jumps, and excessive stormy weather to try and make a scary atmosphere. My interest waned until they showed one of Melinda’s dreams. The creepy dream sequence was well done with mountains of special effects to boot. I am not really sure what the point of it was except to make me say “ooo creepy dream sequence!”

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