Underworld: Evolution

The first Underworld movie gave audiences a plot involving a Vampire Werewolf battle that had existed for thousands of years. I am a fan of the original which is an opinion most reviewers do not share, but that hasn’t stopped me from expressing my opinion before!  The original was dark, mysterious, and filled with great supporting characters like Viktor played by the excellent Bill Nighy. I felt the action was not over done nor did it overshadow the details of the plot which were unpredictable enough to keep me interested. Director and writer Len Wiseman returns with his wife, Kate Beckinsale (Selene), and Scott Speedman (Michael Corvin) for Underworld Evolution.

To be honest I sat through the opening sequence of Underworld Evolution before the title sequence appeared and I was worried. The flashback scene looked like it was filmed on a closed set with mediocre effects (at least compared to other films these days). If there weren’t actors on the set I could have been convinced it was a miniature. It reminded me of a snow globe for some reason. For a moment I thought I had just wasted my hard earned money on what was shaping up to be Van Helsing 2. Luckily the credits swooped in and saved any more pain and Wiseman never returned to the flashback. I suspect it was really done to work Bill Nighy back into the movie for a few minutes.

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