Bloodrayne snubbed at Razzies

Blood and InstinctIt turns out there was a movie worse than Bloodrayne in 2006. The movie? Basic Instinct 2, according to Razzie voters.

I watched both movies, and not because I held any hope they would be good. I knew they’d be shit, and they were (imagine that). I watched because I knew they both had potential to be funny (as in funny-bad). Neither disappointed in that respect.

A lot of people thought Bloodrayne was a sure fire bet to win something at the Razzies. Bloodrayne had Uwe Boll directing, a story based around a video game (which, as it turns out, had a significantly more interesting one than the movie’s), prostitutes instead of actresses, and of course Meat Loaf. Yes, Bloodrayne was bad, terrible in fact.

But why then did Basic Instinct 2 win big at the Razzies? Afterall it gets 3.7 stars compared to Bloodrayne’s 2.5 on IMDB, and Basic Instinct 2 doubled the vampire flick’s opening weekend and overall U.S. gross.

The answer: Everyone knows Uwe Boll’s movies suck, and will forever suck. Frankly Bloodrayne turning out to be a terrible movie is neither shocking nor news, thus Razzie voters latched onto the next worst big budget movie: Basic Instinct 2. I look at it this way: Basic Instinct 2 had a lot farther to fall, which makes the crash more spectacular. A 60 million dollar budget, an actress in need of a smash hit to revive her career, and having to live up to the original’s box office success. Crash, Bang, Boom.

Worst Picture, Worst Actress, and Worst Screen Play.

Congrats Basic Instinct 2!

3x DVD = Lame

I’ve been reading about 3x DVD lately, and HD-DVD seems to think it’s their secret weapon against Blu-ray. I think it could be a Trojan horse instead.

What the hell is 3x DVD?

3x DVD is a regular DVD disc with HD content. The 3x DVD disc is manufactured the same way as regular DVDs (which has become extremely cheap to do). 3x DVD cannot be played on a regular DVD player even though a red laser is used to read the disc, and there is no special trick they’ve pulled in order to increase the capacity of a regular DVD disc. This is where HD-DVD’s 3x DVD falls on its face.

The 3x DVD content must be compressed using the VC-1 or AVC and more importantly the discs can only support 720p (instead of the 1080p regular HD-DVD discs support). This likely also means less features like commentary tracks, documentaries, deleted scenes, and so on.
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I want more choices

The Comcast Has You

The death grip the cable companies currently hold on television is not acceptable. Time Warner and Comcast over the years bought almost all other cable companies and then proceeded to raise prices, limit choices, and block competition. Now that AT&T is back, I was hoping they would bring us an alternative to traditional cable TV. Verizon has plans for delivering TV through fiber, and there was talk that AT&T would provide something similar (using copper connections for the last mile), but Ars Technica reports AT&T may be interested in purchasing one of the satellite TV providers instead.

Satellite TV is great. I would have subscribed a long time ago if I could, but I can’t. Trees, and location are a problem. A lot of people live in apartments, or rent at places where satellite dishes cannot be installed (either because of location or landlord rules). For some parts of the country snow can be an issue as well. This means satellite doesn’t cut it for a lot of people, and that means only one choice for those consumers.

Trading a monopoly for two may not be the best choice, but at least there would be a choice. You could always leave one for the other, something many can’t do now. Yes the U.S. has an open market but because cable TV requires massive infrastructure and negotiating expensive deals with content providers like Viacom and Disney it means entering the market is nearly impossible.

So I ask AT&T, and anyone else with a new brilliant idea on how to deliver television content to consumers to step up to the plate and give me a choice.

Lost viewers prove us right! has an article titled ‘Lost’ Ratings hit an all time low.

“‘Lost’ crashed in the ratings this week, hitting an all-time low for a new episode.”

“Some fans and critics complain that the story has gotten confusing and unsatisfying.”

See, see! SEE! I previously wrote about this in Lost Season 3: I don’t care anymore and earlier in Television drama: it doesn’t stop!.

Lost is not off the air yet, and there is no word on a series finale any time soon, but I think it’s time to break out coveted award box all the same. We award ourselves:

Golden Star Pony Medallion Award

Run DMC “Tricky”

Many people may not know this, but Penn and Teller are featured in the Run DMC “Tricky” Video. They con Run DMC’s girl out of her “chains” with some street card tricks. After a quick phone call Run DMC arrives on scene in a helicopter. They intend to win back their girl’s chains and do so with ease. After losing all their money Penn and Teller beg Run DMC to teach them to dance. After some discussion Run DMC gives them some tips in the form of one of the “Tricky” verses sung through a golden microphone.

Presumably some time in the future in Japan Run DMC is about to go onto stage, but lo-and-behold Penn and Teller have stolen their act! To quote Run DMC:

“Now That’s TRICKY!”

Pure Genius.