Truthdouche / troo th doo sh /

1. A person who asks a question to which the answer is either obvious or stereotyped, but truthdouche claims is incorrect, yet does not know the true answer.

Truthdouche asks “What city gets the most rain in the United States?” expecting you to say “Seattle” since it is stereotyped as a very rainy city. A Truthdouche then says “wrong!” yet does not know the real answer, nor can back up his/her claim that Seattle does not get the most rain in the United States.

2. A person that makes up facts most people think are probably not true, but are hard to disprove without someone having internet access on their mobile phone.

Truthdouche claims “The movie Last Action Hero cost $120 million to make, but only grossed $11 million. One of the biggest movie flops of all time!” Despite showing the cost to be $85 million, and it making $137 million world wide. The biggest movie flop is actually Town & Country losing over $99 million world-wide.