Batman through the years

Batman: In the very first Batman movie we’re introduced to Bruce Wayne, a vigilante crime fighter dressed as a bat, who has separated himself from the rest of the world.  Living in a massive mansion he holds parties but has no desire to attend.  He collects art, but pays no attention to any of it.  His only companion is his butler and the conversation between the two is nothing short of mundane.

A hot chick with a bat fetish and a personality swoops in (much to the audience’s relief) and finally breaks Bruce’s shell giving the audience 500% more conversation and something to look at other than Michael Keaton fake rubber body.  She inspires him to open up (a little) and eventually gives the movie an excuse to have a thrilling final showdown between Batman and the far more entertaining, charming, and interesting Joker.

Batman Returns: Batman, having lost Vicki Vale between the first and second movie, is now back to being a loaner.  Essentially we’re back to the beginning of the first movie.

A hot chick with a cat fetish and a personality and insane swoops in making things interesting once again.  Unfortunately the Penguin replaces Joker in the role of the villain and things quickly go down hill as the plot becomes more and more ridiculous and insultingly stupid.  The only saving grace for Batman Returns is Catwoman’s relentless insanity.  Thankfully we’re saved from nearly the exact same ending as the first movie (until the next movie). Continue reading “Batman through the years”