Fibbage (PS4)

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Fibbage is a 2-8 player game played with the Sony PS4 and your smartphone/computer/tablet. The Fibbage game asks obscure questions and you and your friends make up plausible answers. If your lie is picked you get points. If you pick the truth you also get points.

In our experience the game is best played with 4 people or more. There is a time limit to creating lies and picking answers which helps keep the game moving. If you submit the same answer as another player you both get points if that lie is picked. We haven’t seen repeat questions yet but we’ve only played about 10 games. So far everyone has really enjoyed playing and for $6.99 it is a great party game for a great price. I give it 4 fart noises out of 5 drunkenly misspelled words.

Total Recall (2012)

Is it a dream or is it real? Or is it a mediocre remake of a mediocre 1990’s film?

Total Recall
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Devoid completely of character development (because who needs that when you have explosions!) we are led to believe Douglas Quaid is possibly a spy (or possibly not) after going to Rekall, the company that makes up memories like, well, being a spy. Kate Beckinsale looks angry and kicks some ass while Colin Farrell has a look of complete surprise on his face for the whole film. Stupid but entertaining. I give it 3 triple-breasted prostitutes out of 5 bad CGI hover-car chases.

Stars Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel

Upstream Color (2013)

Upstream Color follows two people who struggle with their identity after being abducted and mind controlled with an unknown substance. Kind of.

upstream color
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This is a like it or hate it film that some may call mysterious, intense, suspenseful, boring, or pretentious. Devoid of much dialog this film uses an unconventional sound track both as part of the story and the viewer’s backdrop. Intentional or not, understanding what is really going on is difficult but the journey is oddly interesting. I give it 3 hypnotizing meal worms out of 5 pig people.

Stars Amy Seimetz, Shane Carruth

A Million Ways to Die in the West (2014)

Guy falls for girl (or the other way around, or both ways) in an old west comedy.

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The old west is typically romanticized as this fun adventure time with shooting, booze, and lawless shenanigans. Seth McFarlane set out to make the same thing except with some honesty about daily life there. Many people were offended by the portrayals of, well, everyone really which probably contributed to the movie’s poor box office, but part of the point of the movie was to show the old west isn’t that great because of things like racism and disease. Parts of it are hilarious, parts of it are genuinely a decent love story, and parts are poorly paced. I give it 3 roof sheep out of 5 butt flowers.

Stars: Seth McFarlane, Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfriend, Liam Neeson.


Roller Town (2012)

Roller Town rink is threatened to be closed by mobsters who want to turn it into an arcade! Oh no!

Roller Town
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Roller Town is filled with heart break, love lost, bird caw-cawing, musical interludes, tragedy, fucking rainbow magic, and disco forever motherfucker! This movie has it all! Roller Town is a must see for those who love disco and rollerskating or just love the ridiculous and funny! I give it 5 cocks on the table out of 5 funky pies!

Stars: It doesn’t fucking matter.

The Loneliest Planet (2011)

Loneliest PlanetAn engaged couple go hiking with a guide in the Caucasus Mountains. A thing happens and things gets awkward.

If you think <fill in your own movie> is slow then you clearly haven’t seen The Loneliest Planet which is not to say this is a bad thing, but a lot of people will not have the patience for this film. Come for the gorgeous shots of Caucasus Mountains, stay for the awkward silence. Leave when you’ve had enough of both even if the movie isn’t over. I give it 2 awkward kisses out of 5 Georgian hiking guides.

Stars people you’ve never heard of.

Darklight (2004, SyFy TV Movie)

DarklightA secret society called “The Faith” must call upon Lilith, a young woman who doesn’t know she is imbued with mystical powers called Darklight. She is Eve cast from the garden of eden and apparently cursed to be a demon.

Despite being in English it appears to be dubbed over in English again just for good measure. Some highlights include a training sequence complimented with ripoff Enya music and magical repairing tank tops. The dialog is worse than Sharknado (don’t worry if you have never seen it, all you have to know is it is a movie about sharks in a tornado). There is also a plague… just because. The end fight scene is the equivalent of a bad video game cut scene from 15 years ago.

What I learned: If you have an idea for a terrible sci-fi/fantasy film the SyFy network will buy it. Probably before even reading it.

I give it 1 stake made from the garden of eden tree out of 5 demon blood injections to the forehead.

Stars: People you’ve never heard of except maybe John de Lancie who you may have seen in “Zombie Hamlet”.

Idiocracy was right

Mike Judge created an amusing movie called Idiocracy in 2006 that depicted the future of America as, well, incredibly dumb. The movie was a colossal flop at the box office. Perhaps this movie hit a bit too close to home and audiences preferred to avoid seeing their eventual doom. Regardless Idiocracy, just 8 years later, has been proven right. I present my evidence:










I rest my case.

Make Believe (2010)

Teen magicians compete for teen magician of the year award.

Make BelieveJapanese, South African, and American contestants are followed in this documentary which starts with each teen magician’s background and their journey to Las Vegas for the contest. The documentary gives you an idea of some interesting personalities behind the scene and an look at the competitiveness of magic.

What I learned: I have no patience for learning magic.

I rate it 4 magically appearing doves out of 5 disappearing rabbits.