2015 Marks the end of the UFO

If you think about it the UFO, in the classic sense, is over. Technically it stands for unidentified flying object which can of course mean any unknown thing flying around the sky but in the past the UFO has been associated with extraterrestrials and science fiction.

2015 is the year of the personal drone and that simultaneously makes it the year UFOs are no longer interesting. I’ll give you an example:

Daughter: “Daddy what is that circular object hovering in the sky! Could it be space people!?”

Dad: “Probably the damn neighbors spying on the neighborhood again.”

These days UFOs are boring because, really, they probably are just your neighbor spying on the neighborhood, or someone running drugs, or Amazon delivering a package.

Epitaph One, Different is Good

Dollhouse was not a huge success. While having an interesting idea the show’s plots sometimes felt forced and repetitive. I think with more time it could have developed into something very good as evidenced by the unaired Dollhouse episode Epitaph One.

This was the episode that was the cheapest to make, unaired in the U.S., and barely featured the star, Eliza Dushku, but turned out to be the best Dollhouse episode of season one or two.  Set in a post apocalyptic future we follow a band of “actuals” (people who are not imprinted as that is the norm in the future) are trying to get underground to avoid over-the-air imprinting. The plot isn’t important right now. What is important is FOX probably thought they were getting a throw away episode but they failed to see the potential for something greater. Like season 4 episode 19 of Fringe, Letters of Transit, where we are transported into the future to just give us a taste of where the show could eventually go, Epitaph One could have piqued audience’s interest of things to come and given the show a longer run.

People watch TV and get used to the characters and the setup of the shows they watch. CBS is particularly good at creating shows that fall into this pattern. You know what to expect from the characters and plots, but when viewership falls off it tends of fall off hard. Characters are boring, plot is predictable, and there are a lot of things vying for your attention. The odd episode that throws what you thought you knew into chaos makes for better entertainment. As an example: Castle is, for the most part, predictable and safe, but every now and then they throw in that strange episode that doesn’t fit. When I’m deciding what to watch I think back to those odd episodes and that is what helps keep me as a viewer.

My Sucky Teen Romance (2011)

My Sucky Teen RomanceKate is interested in a local checkout clerk who happens to also be a vampire and soon Kate is showing signs of being undead as well.

This low budget indie film has some surprisingly good cinematography combined with a simple and predictable plot, but the movie stays interesting with a fair amount of wit and humor. The locations are limited but over all it is a cute film with a serious twist. 77 minutes is not a major time commitment; just think: you’ll be spending 45 less minutes than that famous sparkly vampire movie and with none of the dull characters and dialog. Despite being surrounded by subpar actors Elaine Hurt, playing Kate, does a great job. I give it 3 Cheesy Nuggets out of 5 fake vampire teeth.

Stars Elaine Hurt, Patrick Delgado.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

Knights of Badassdom (2013)

image credit: knightsofbadassdom-movie.com
image credit: knightsofbadassdom-movie.com

Live action role players (LARP) misuse an ancient text during their game resulting in summoning an actual demon.

Knights of Badassdom is a silly movie with the gore and personalities cranked up to 11. I’m fairly certain this movie has one of the few accurate depictions of what really happens during LARP events. The humor is hit and miss but overall an extremely dumb entertaining movie. I give it 4 foam swords out of 5 succubus turned soul sucking demons.

Stars Peter Dinklage, Ryan Kwanten, Summer Glau

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec (2010)

The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-SecA young woman adventurer embarks on a quest to save her sister who had a slight mishap with a hair pin.

The movie is from the mind of Luc Besson so you can expect a mix of drama, humor, and the weird. I highly recommend the original French with subtitles as the english dub is awful. Adèle is wonderfully charming and confident character but the story falls down in the resolution with heavy reliance on external forces rather than the characters we came to like throughout the movie. I give it 3 broken pterodactyl eggs out of 5 failed prison breaks.

Stars Louise Bourgoin

Total Retribution! aka Earth Killer! aka Blade Runner 2 – The Decision! (2011)

image credit: imdb.com

A space station orbiting earth has a solar gun designed to destroy the planet in the event of alien invasion but after a civil war, two forces try to take control of the weapon while an Android is caught in the middle. Oh yeah, there are zombies for some reason.

This sci-fi horror (their words) has some astoundingly terrible special effects with equally astoundingly terrible acting. While impressive they used a space the size of my living room to film the whole thing it started to get really old when you saw the same cardboard door, and the same “robots only” tunnel (which humans frequently went through) over and over. The female android is completely naked for about 20 minutes of the movie and there many are chances for her to get some clothes off the various dead people, but no, she waits until she can get hot pants and a tube top with army boots and a skateboard knee pad for one leg. Maybe her logic chip likes the 80s. I give it 1 overacting villain out of 5 desperate efforts to cash in on a good movie.

Stars Robin Kurz

Katy Perry: Part of Me (2012)

image credit: katyperrypartofme.com
image credit: katyperrypartofme.com

Katy Perry docudramady!

Some argued this was just PR smoke from her record label to help promote one of their biggest artists but I would argue it contained a lot of foam too. Katy Perry is crazy; I got tired just watching her perform for a whole year so I have no idea how she did it. 

I give it 4 Spinning Boob Discs out of 5 Blue Wigs.

Stars Katty Perry’s creepy blue cat.

Branded (2012)

All brands are a part of a conspiracy to control your mind!

image credit: io9.com
image credit: io9.com

Terribly paced for the first 3/4ths, Branded tries to do what Syrup did and poke fun at marketing and how people respond to it but only succeeds in an odd mess of a story with some special effects dreamt up while the writer did some seriously strong acid. The most disappointing aspect is the way the movie was marketed. There are posters that appear to show the main character holding guns and in the above image he has an axe and while technically this may have happened it is simply an attempt to draw in viewers who looking for some action. There is no action in this film unless you count burning cows. I give it 2 tentacle creatures out of 5 sacrificial cows.

Stars Leelee Sobieski, Jeffery Tambor, Ed Stoppard

Hansel and Gretel Get Baked (2013)


image credit: facebook.com/HanselGretelGetBaked/
image credit: facebook.com/HanselGretelGetBaked/

See title for plot.

To be fair Hansel abstains from pot but the true message of the story is don’t trust Pasadena California (where this movie takes place) at least if you are a teenager looking to score some pot. I’m fairly certain I walked down one of the roads this movie was filmed on going to the Rose Bowl (yeah I just dropped that shit). The movie briefly features Cary Elwes and Yancy Butler from Witchblade. Pot movies usually get a 1 from me, but the effort put into the gore effects really won me over. I give it 2 Black Forest joints out of 5 power company really wants you to know they care.

Stars Molly C. Quinn (from Castle), Michael Welch

Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever (2014)

image credit: mylifetime.com
image credit: mylifetime.com

The Lifetime advertised plot is that Grumpy Cat is lonely while living in a mall pet store, having been returned by numerous shoppers, until a young girl takes notice. The reality is Grumpy Cat is pretty damn satisfied living in the pet store and only gets involved with the girl because not getting involved would mean more effort. I can totally understand Grumpy Cat’s point of view.

My guess is this movie wouldn’t have been made if Aubrey Plaza wasn’t on board because she is the only actress that could pull off Grumpy Cat’s voice: disdain with disappointment and annoyance. The actual plot of the movie would barely make it as a made-for-tv Disney movie but the opening credits are pretty hilarious. After that I believe I mentioned that it “plummeted into awful” but there is a cute cat so it has that going for it! I give it 2 terrible pet store jokes out of 5 girls named Chrystal spelled with a “Ch” to avoid confusing her with a stripper.

Stars: Megan Charpentier, Aubrey Plaza