D.E.B.S. is about a quartet of schoolgirls who double as government agents, picked by their performance on a test hidden inside the S.A.T.s. It is also based on a comic of some sort that I have never seen and kind of a spoof on the whole Charlie’s Angels thing. The D.E.B.S. are Amy, Max, Dominique and Janet, fairly typical school girls worried about love and school only they are also highly trained government agent crime fighters. Their nemesis is Lucy Diamond (aah, ahh…), who appears to only be interested in finding love and not the conquering and plundering she is known for. While the D.E.B.S. are spying on Lucy, things get a little crazy and Amy and Lucy end up meeting. Lucy and Amy end up falling for each other and find themselves divided in a Romeo and Juliet way, only they’re both girls.

Excluding the executive leaders of D.E.B.S., I only recognized three actresses from this movie. The first one was Jordana Brewster, who plays Lucy Diamond (aah, ahh…). She was Paul Waker’s love interest / Vin Diesel’s little sister in Fast and The Furious. Next is Devon Aoki, who plays Dominique (complete with horrific French accent) who was the chick racer in 2 Fast 2 Furious. Finally there is Jessica Cauffiel, who plays Ninotchka – another woman smitten with Lucy. She had a small part in both Legally Blond movies. All this can mean only one thing, I watch a lot of bad movies.

This movie is completely predictable. If you had half a brain and no clue to what this movie was about, you could figure the bulk of it out within the first five or ten minutes of the film. You have the confused ex boyfriend, the jealous spoiler and of course all the D.E.B.S. who clearly can’t approve of one of their agents being the lover of a notorious criminal.

All that aside, this movie knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything else. It’s a fairly amusing popcorn flick, with good energy and a lesbian twist. It’s also rated PG-13, which means it is also completely harmless. If you can check your brain at the door, you should enjoy yourself.

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