Epic Short Review: Miss Congeniality 2

Ten one-liners about Miss Congeniality 2: Armed and Fabulous:

  1. William Shatner was completely wasted in this film, and I’m not talking about him being drunk.
  2. For the same amount of money the producers manged to make the original movie again but far far crappier.
  3. Diedrich Bader is no Michael Caine.
  4. Not even close.
  5. Not even in the same Universe.
  6. Miss Congeniality 2 is the definition for “Why you shouldn’t make sequels ever.”
  7. When Benjamin Bratt won’t reprise his role in your sequel you have problems.
  8. It is possible Miss Congeniality 2 was paid for by the city of Las Vegas as a lousy marketing scheme.
  9. If you look up “lazy” in the dictionary there is a picture of Miss Congeniality 2‘s writers.
  10. Anyone who paid to see this movie in the theater is owed their movie ticket plus another $500 for the two hours it wasted of their life.

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