Roller Town (2012)

Roller Town rink is threatened to be closed by mobsters who want to turn it into an arcade! Oh no!

Roller Town
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Roller Town is filled with heart break, love lost, bird caw-cawing, musical interludes, tragedy, fucking rainbow magic, and disco forever motherfucker! This movie has it all! Roller Town is a must see for those who love disco and rollerskating or just love the ridiculous and funny! I give it 5 cocks on the table out of 5 funky pies!

Stars: It doesn’t fucking matter.

Detention (2011)

DetentionYet another horror comedy because apparently I’m in the mood for that shit. So at Grizzly Lake high school a killer is on the loose. Self aware, sarcastic, cynical, extremely odd and humorous. I kind of feel like this is the 2010 equivalent of the weird low budget 80s movies that were made. But with a lot more blood. There is an amazing travel through time in detention complete with music from the eras. Then more amazing time travel to 1994. Also Steven Seagal vs Swayze.

Contains the best counter argument to vegetarians from a Canadian exchange student: Only eat baby animals because they haven’t lived as long and won’t know what kind of life they are missing.

I give it 5 acid vomiting quarterbacks out of 5 time traveling bear machine.

Bonus: There is a guy with a TV for hand.

Quote of the movie: “Parties are full of self discovery.”