Down for the count: Terminator SCC, MOWE, Sanctuary, Dexter, True Blood, Life on Mars, Pushing Daisies, Life

Down for the count:

Terminator: Sarah Connor ChroniclesTerminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

I don’t know what I was expecting this show to become or how they could keep it going for more than a half season.  I think part of the success of this FOX spinoff show was it started when most shows were ending during the writer’s strike.  Now that there are more interesting TV shows, and lets be honest, less retarded plot ideas, the show’s ratings have been going down.  Four episodes now sit on my Tivo and I really cannot bring myself to start watching them.  I think Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles lost me around episode four of season one, it just took me another eight more episodes to realize I no longer cared.  FOX will be moving the show to Fridays next year so expect it to completely fail just like every other show relegated to the Friday death slot.

Update: Word is Terminator: SCC is not going to be renewed.  Even if it is renewed it might end up on Friday which we all know means the end of the show either way.

My Own Worst Enemy

Even if I wanted to watch My Own Worst Enemy I could not because it has been canceled.  Christian Slater’s epic B-star status continues with little hope of upgrading to a better grade anytime soon.  Sure there are probably a few more episodes of this schizo spy drama airing on NBC but why bother when most of the questions the show brought up will remain unanswered?  To be honest I’m relieved I can stop watching.  The pilot was nothing amazing, but it had potential to be interesting in the long run, but knowing the TV business that potential was very slim.  So goodbye Christian Slater, I hope to see you star next in Timecop 3: The Multidimensional Crusades!.


Inexplicably renewed, the SciFi green-screen-shot show will remain on Friday nights along with other mediocre television.  I was completely convinced it would be canceled after just a handful of episodes, but apparently someone out there likes this show.  Sanctuary might have been interesting, but it quickly became boring; substituting creativity with over done science fiction concepts and characters.  I found myself fast forwarding through recorded episodes realizing that, like many other shows on this list, I no longer cared what rehashed ideas the producers had to offer.


Let me be very clear about this: Dexter season one was fantastic.  It was television like I had never seen before.  Characters, dialog, and plot were all amazing.  Actors also amazing.  This show will likely change the way people think about future television.  With that said the second season was interesting but in no way as good as the first.  The third season was where the show was starting to lose me, and now the third season really seems bland and uncreative compared to the first and even the second.  Can Dexter’s 4th season surprise me like the first season again?  Probably not.

True Blood

I can only say this HBO vampire show is starting to annoy me.  None of the characters are tolerant or sympathetic anymore, and the vampires are one cliché after another.  Disappointing for a HBO television show that seemed to have a lot of promise to be cutting edge.  The storyline seems to be meandering along taking the Lost approach where audiences are given some action and lots of mystery but not much else which seems to keep some people watching week after week, but not me.

On life support:

Life on Mars

This almost-science-fiction 1970’s drama on ABC would be a great show but gets held back when the main character tries to inject year 2008 morals, political correctness, and lifestyle into the 70’s.  Even worse is when Sam convinces his friends and co-workers with little effort to adopted these same values.  Some of them are unrealistically progressive even without Sam’s meddling.  Where the show should be gritty, dirty, and stubborn it tiptoes, sidesteps, and brushes over.  I don’t want to see some kind of politically correct alternate reality of the 1970’s, I want to see the real 1970’s with the good and the bad.  The show likely has been canceled as of this post, so I’ll probably never get to see what the hell really happened to Sam, but maybe I’m better off for it.

Update: Probably canceled.

Canceled (and probably canceled) even though I would still watch it:


A favorite show of mine with terrible ratings.  Worse than Knight Rider if you can believe that.  Brilliant music and writing, this is the kind of television that keeps me subscribing to cable.  While not officially canceled Life doesn’t have much hope with NBC needing to cut five hours of programming a week to make room for Jay Leno’s prime time appearance.  Perhaps USA or TNT will pick up the show (please).

Pushing Daisies

Apparently America doesn’t care about creativity, they just want another version of CSI or NCIS instead of something new and refreshing.  Is anyone surprised about the success of reality TV?  After winning many awards and praise from critics ABC is dumping the show because of ratings.  This is disappointing, but I guess ratings don’t lie.  The worst part about Life, Pushing Daisies, and even My Own Worst Enemy isn’t that they are canceled, but the show’s producers are not given the chance to close storylines and we end up with the producers of Pushing Daisies thinking about writing a comic book to close the story, and worse MOWE finishes on a cliff hanger.  Maybe NBC will give Life the ending it deserves.

Down for the count: The Ex List

I started to watch the second episode of The Ex List on CBS where a single woman is told by a psychic that she has already met her future husband.  I quickly realized I simply did not care anymore, and I only saw one episode of the first season.  The pilot was entertaining but really the first episode said all the show could say and still be interesting.  I barely made it five minutes into the second episode and realized they could only repeat themselves over and over for however long the show would be on TV until the final show where you would find out who she marries.  1-6 years of buildup for a single day of serious disappointment.

So I avoid the disappointment and choose to stop watching the show now.

I expect Sancutary on SciFi Channel to be next knock out.  I have yet to see the second or third episode sitting on my Tivo.