Vote YES on Proposal 28

Too long has the State of Michigan let Pepsi drinkers besmirch the Coke drinkers of Michigan.  Proposal 28 would ban all Pepsi drinking both in public and private homes in the State of Michigan.  Do you want your children coming home and asking for a Pepsi at dinner?  How do you explain to them that drinking Pepsi is wrong even though their schoolmates do it?

By allowing Michigan residents to drink Pepsi you force Coke drinkers to accept and support an inferior and non-traditional soft drink.  Proposal 28 is not about taking away rights, it is about stopping Pepsi drinkers from imposing their belief that a soft drink can be just any flavored caramel colored fizzy sugar water.

We all know the real caramel colored fizzy sugar water is Coke and it should stay that way.

Paid for by Michigan Citizens for Proposal 28.