Ultra Pink-Ray 2.0 Released!

Ultra Pink-ray 2 Logo

2017 will bless us with a new optical disc format: Ultra Pink-Ray 2.0 which improves on almost everything about the original Pink-Ray. If you’ve forgotten: Pink-Ray beat out Blu-ray and HD-DVD winning the HD disc wars back in 2007.

The biggest improvement for Ultra Pink-Ray 2.0 was moving to a universal video codec. The format now uses Cinepak with 71 distinct 480i streams stitched together to form a 17K resolution picture that will simply blow your friends away when they see it.

Speaking of impressing your friends the 7-D adds 4 more dimensions to the traditional 3-D “More than 2 times the D of 3D!“. Imagine their surprise when things on the screen don’t just jump to life but they fly straight through their head and hit the wall behind them! Talk about immersive!

Pink-Ray blew us away with picture-in-picture-in-picture but Ultra Pink-Ray 2.0 brings us picture-in-picture-in-picture-below-picture-in-picture or “pipipbpip” and improved “Pink View” with even more pink!

Sound was not forgotten in this update. They’ve tripled the number of channels with a grand total of 132.9. Your friends can hear sounds behind them on their home theater systems but can they pinpoint with in .05 degrees where it is coming from? Not without Ultra Pink-Ray 2.0.

Noise has been reduced significantly taking the 2 RPM original Pink-Ray disc down to just .3 RPM with UPR2.0! A rock laying on the floor in a vacuum makes more noise.*

* Statement reflects the company’s opinion and not scientific fact.

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