Ultraviolet (TV Series)

If you only watch U.S. television you will likely miss some great shows from the U.K. and other countries. Ultraviolet is one of those excellent TV series from outside the United States. This British mini-series is about vampires, but it has class, mystery, and style many other vampire stories lack. You will never hear the word “vampire” in the series which helps the viewer avoid creating certain expectations and assumptions about the content of the show. Read more to read the whole review.

Set in modern day England, the audience is dropped into a world where a special branch of government is in a constant battle with Code V’s, or vampires. The story follows Jack Davenport who is being recruited by both sides in the war. Vampires are worried the human race will destroy itself which would eliminate their food supply, and the humans do not want to be ruled by vampires, but everything it not as simple as that. The vampires are sometimes smart, cunning, even charming and at times the Special Branch officers are violent, rash, and destructive causing both Jack Davenport, and the audience to wonder which side they really should support.

The six part series not only brings new ideas to the table about vampires, but also challenges the viewer to really think about the code V’s as another race instead of immediately attaching the label of demonic soulless creatures set on destroying the world. The filmmakers make sure most things cannot be taken at face value, making for a great mystery and stylish vampire story not seen before.

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